OK Day

Today was a nice day

For a few hours I pretended to be normal and not think for awhile

I had a appoitment to refill my birthcontrol

I get there and I was told my appointment was cancelled

But she seemed to feel so bad that I had came all the way there so she scrambled to help me

Took less then 30 minutes

Once I left since I was up and out of the bed I decided to see what time my movie was playing

I love Fast and Furious and even though I said I would wait for him I decided I really wanted to go alone

Were not on the best terms so some time away I felt would do me good even though I knew at some point in the day he would question me

So I drove around for awhile enjoying the sun and my music playlist and then headed to the theater

Got some wings and mozerella sticks a large rootbeer picked a seat and got cozy

I love Fast and Furious and it was so good

Then come to find out I left my Id at the clinic so I had to go back to get it cause I knew I wouldnt feel like getting up in the morning to go

So I enjoyed the drive there and then back home I came

So for a few hours I didnt think about this stupid relationship or what my next move will be

I must admit though the movie did make me a bit sad cause in all the action and cars and fight scenes the most important and constant theme in the movie was family

How important family is and while watching I live through the characters but I know in real life a family like this does not exsist for me

Im all alone

I use to want that and now Ive become so use to being alone that no one will ever live up to my expectations and so I Isolate myself

Regaurdless tho

I had a nice day today

I enjoyed my drive, my music, my food and the peace that was for a moment where my brain was just on nothing for some moments

Im tired and wish I could sleep but Im wide awake

Guess Ill just lay here until I get the energy to get some food and watch tv

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Comments (1)

  1. jaageet

    I like your food: wings, mozzarella sticks and root beer. Fast and Furious. I love fast cars also. Poor you. All alone in this cold world.

    May 23, 2017