So I May Have A Stalker

Cant remember when it started but one day after work I noticed a late text messege

It asked is this Mi Mi

It was late so I didnt respond

I assumed maybe it was a past associate or something and so whatever

The next day or maybe a couple of days later my gram tells me someone, a male, called and asked to speak to Mi Mi.

I automatically knew who it was

Later that same day the number again text me and asked is this Mi Mi

This time I chose to respond because not only did I not recongnize the number it was a out of state number

I replied that they knew it was me so what did they want who were they

They didnt answer straight forward, I cussed them and told them to leave me alone

Now the number is calling but I was getting ready for work so I didnt hear it

They called back so this time I answered

When I said hello no response

So I said if this is who I think it is stop playing on my phone go find something to do and leave me alone

He spoke

I knew the voice

Tre9 is what I know him by

I didnt let him get much in before I went off letting him know to not call my grams house dont call me leave me alone

I hung up he text that I was a bitch but I didnt care

Now a week or so later my manager called me and told me that a man came to my job asking for me

I guess it bothered them so that they felt the need to contact me

I assumed it was tre I let my manager know thanks for the concern and heads up

Next day when I go in it seemed to be a buzz

Everyone was telling me about this man that was asking for me

Then my managers and supervisors told me and said I had to go talk to secuirity

Secuirity walked in a cop was there , they show me the picture that they were able to catch of him

This man I didnt know

I looked close but nothing, I dont know him, or how he would know me

So I was informed to be aware , they put me in dispatch for a week to keep me off the floor, I have to park on the 4th floor for surveillence to keep an eye on me

Wow...all this fuss over me

Who is this guy, did tre send him, if so why

Its been 10 or more years since Ive seen tre

So If he was gonna harm me he sure waited a long time

I know me telling him to leave me alone a few days prior couldnt be that upsetting so what is going on

Im fine but at times I do get on edge because Im looking around more then usual

My real name is not a common name so the fact that he knew it was upsetting

I was told he didnt call me by my nick name but my full name

I felt parinoid but ok till tonight

I text my boyfriend that Im on my way home, thinking he be in the hall door so he could watch me pull in and walk to the door since I have to park so far away

I looked around but didnt see anything or anyone till I opened my car door and saw a shadow sitting in the car over from where I just parked

It caught me off gaurd and did frighten me and I didnt have my keys in hand

As Im walking towards the door I hear something but was to scared to turn around not wanting to let the person behind me know that I saw them

As Im walking to the door I dont see my boyfriend

As I get closer I realize hes not there and now I realize I have to find my keys

I was livid once I got inside

He made such a fuss prior but when I really needed him he wasnt there

Instead of just saying sorry he always has a but

Im so sick of the ups and downs with him

All day at work I fantasized what if the man comes back to get me and whats his plan

I was hoping maybe hell just put a gun to my head and it be so quick I wouldnt even see it

When I got out of my car and saw that mans shawdow I was scared

Im not scared to die but scared of how I will die

I dont wanna die terrified or be tortured before I die I just want it to be over with

Deep down Im hoping hell come around so I can figure out who he is

Hoping maybe he will just blow me away so then I wont have to commit suicide

But my luck Ill just be parinoid for a few more days maybe a week and that will be the end of that

Ill probably stay upset with idiot for not being at the door when I got out

I really am so sick of my life


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